Improve Your Concentration and Memory

  • imperial
  • Dec 30, 2019

The following are simple strategies that anyone can use to improve the amount of information that they take in and remember:

1.Unusual Gets Noticed

If you see something weird, unusual or different from others, your subconscious mind captures it and registers it. Like, a baby of a monkey playing with a tiger cub or a car moving in a river.

This creates an image in your subconscious mind, later; your conscious mind can easily derive the information from it.So, if you want to learn something and remember it for a long time, then give it a different name something very unusual or picture it in an old fashion.

2. Involve as many senses as possible

 For example, if you are sitting in a lecture, you will remember more of what is being said if you listen and scribble down a few notes. Or if you are reading a letter or an article, you will remember more of what is written if you read it aloud to yourself.

3.Extreme Emotion, Good or Bad

People tend to remember something that is related to their extreme emotion be it good or bad.People remember the extreme cold, extreme summer, extreme happiness, and extreme sorrow. Something that is very good or bad will also be remembered for a long time.
There is a cycle that is created from this picture which results in action and action again sows the seed of a new picture.

4.Passionate Conscious Goal Statement

A powerful goal statement is key to improve memory and concentration.
Whenever something new goes inside your mind, it registers and stores only what is fruitful to you.
If the data does not help the mind in achieving any goal, then it will leave the data. The conscious mind will take its own decision when you hold the goal statement.
For ExampleIf you as a student want to learn a subject and you have an interest in it, then you can easily learn it.On the other hand, if you read something that is uninteresting, then you will have to learn it forcefully.

There are two patterns of thinking – Structured Pattern and Accidental Pattern.In accidental pattern of thinking, your data is not structured and your mind faces a lot of problems while taking a decision.
In structured pattern of thinking, all your data is in a well-structured form and the mind does not have any problem in registering things and then finding it.
If you will use any of the above three tips to improve concentration rigorously then you will certainly be able to achieve your goals successfully.

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