How will you stand out?

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  • Jun 26, 2019

There can be proficient talents in every corner of the streets, earning from half a billion of rupees to thousand of number of followers on social media. There are no restrictions on portraying one’s art of passion. Students do not fully recognize what they are capable of achieving until they reach a certain age. Raising a voice against their will may take a little more time than estimated.

Famous people today did not just happen to be famous just like that. But their drive towards attaining the goal after experiencing number of failures made them vigorously famous. Almost every person who is pondering to change their state of living will mark 4 important things in life. It is in the passion, hard-work, dedication and interest they put on into everyday work to reach at peak.

Meeting few people like them once in a while should be a search of everybody. To say, I met a very passionate cook who made excellent Muslim Bohra food. It is true you can find her at Jhamsikhel at Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen. She partnered with a friend of her and here she goes on feeding people with exceptional taste. She loved cooking and more, she loved feeding people. A smile on her customer’s face after eating her food was her every hard-work ever returned.

We should never give up upon achieving something we once dreamt of. Dreams are made true if you are set for the goal and feel proud of it. The reputed educational institution of Nepal known all over the world was established by a person who came to Kathmandu looking for opportunities. One of the largest school/college in Nepal, Little Angles’ School/College don’t require introduction but the person behind it does. He did, slowly but steadily, working after his classes and earning the living was then able to produce one of the best institutions in Nepal. He invested a lot of time in making the school what is today.

Reaching to the top of a mountain takes a lot for a person. You are somehow fighting with the nature to enjoy the beauty of the nature. Beautiful things don’t come easy. And it is the way you taking it matters the most. Artists likewise go through condemnable comments every time they come out in reality. But not going towards nor completely ignoring the flaws, they find ways to overcome what they want to become. Their dedication is their every day charm and so does it requires it to be everybody’s.

Helmets Nepal is getting famous all over Nepal. They started as fresh graduates who knew few about how a business should be conducted; fighting with all its competitors they were able to satisfy more than 20,000 customers. Even though they had very less family support they went far to give its customer the best quality products they could offer.

Circumstances and surroundings may be tough but the way you handle should not matter if you remain calm and positive until the end. To stand out may not necessarily mean to stand on a desk with room full of people but to achieve the recognition for the deeds you have performed. It will fruitfully give you back all of your hardship, pain and satisfaction.

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