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Imperial FAQ’s

  • Which University is Imperial Business college Affiliated to?

    Pokhara University

  • Where is the college located?

    Hattisar, Kamaladi

  • How to enroll?

    You can enroll online through the form (link) or visit us at (address and phone number)

  • What is the academic eligibility?

    You must have passed higher secondary education that is recognised by the government of Nepal which are HSEB, A Levels, CBSE or IB, with a minimum of 50 % ( cross-check this in prospectus)

  • What are the class timings?

    Classes start from 6:30 in the morning until 11:40

  • What are the flagship events of Imperial?

    The flagship events of Imperial are : Imperial fiesta, Anubhav and Sports week .

  • Does Imperial have a student council?

    Imperial has a independent democratic student organization called Friends of Imperial which manages various events and progams in Imperial.