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Bachelor in Health Care Management (BHCM)

Imperial Business College’s Bachelor in Health Care Management (BHCM) is an undergraduate program perfect for students with a knack for business and an interest in health services as well. It is a four-year program of Pokhara University, spread over eight semesters. Students need to complete 133 credit hours, including project works, internship, and assignments to be qualified for graduation. Each semester consists of 5 to 6 subjects, and students have to complete their internships during the third, fifth, and eighth semesters. 

As the ageing population continues to grow consistently, healthcare is on the rise. There is a significant demand for up-and-coming healthcare leaders who can optimize patient care and medical practices. Whether you want to lead hospital management, foster healthcare programs or become a clinical nurse leader, a BHCM degree empowers you with necessary technical skills and healthcare knowledge to undertake any of these options. 

At Imperial, we are committed to providing support and tools to make our students capable enough to drive new regulations and ongoing changes in the way healthcare are delivered. We also take pride in being one of the very few institutions in Nepal that have taken the responsibility for producing skilled manpower for the healthcare management industry. 

The curriculum has been designed intricately to educate students in various areas of operations management in the context of healthcare. The coursework effectively familiarizes students on subjects like health care delivery system, healthcare financing, ethics and quality management. At Imperial, we also highly focus on combining traditional coursework with real-world experiences so that students can have hands-on opportunities to apply key competencies in the workplace. 

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

At Imperial, the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is tailored to give students a theoretical and practical exposure to the world of business. Affiliated to Pokhara University, it is a four-year undergraduate program, divided into eight semesters. Students need to complete 120 credit hours, including coursework, project works and internship to be eligible for their graduation. Each semester consists of 5 subjects, and each course has a minimum of 48 credit hours.

Since management is one of the most favored career options today, BBA is a natural development of this preference. Its popularity is backed by factors like versatility and application in real life. Unlike specialized degrees, a BBA degree will help you jumpstart your career in several industries, from marketing to finance to advertising.

Imperial’s mission is to produce skillful professionals who can successfully translate the theories of business management into practice, and are competent enough to identify and solve management problems locally and globally. We have an excellent track record in the placement
of our graduating students in several top-tier business houses in Nepal.

We have customized the course in such a way that it imparts the right extent of academic and practical education to the future leaders, so by the time they graduate, they fully understand the know-how of the highly competitive business field. From the first semester onwards, the
course initiates students into the practices and principles of advanced management dynamics and allied disciplines like marketing and banking.

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