Contribution of Management in Health-Sector

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  • Jul 28, 2019

Management is the most integral part of any system whether it is in administrative or technical. Managers are combining business expertise with an understanding of the healthcare system to increase both efficiency and effectiveness. Hospital is the critical place for both happiness and sorrow. Starting of a person’s life and the end, both are in the hospital. Thus, it is critical to manage the hospital services. Earlier there were only clinical services for the patients. Nowadays management has become a connecting link between the patient and the doctors with the special care and treatment of the patient. The patients not only require a good doctor but also a quality service for speedy recovery. The hospital without proper management can be a place for making patient’s condition even worse. Good management is always a plus point. A hospital with the availability of good pharmacy, nursing services, etc. entices the people to visit that hospital which is beneficial in the business perspective too. The management towards the work of doctor and their helpers make the treatment more efficient and provide a good working environment for the personnel. On the administrative side, healthcare managers gather data related to facilities and finances, analyze it, and then present their findings to relevant stakeholders. Thus, management services have become an important asset for the hospital and is playing vital role in the health sector.
Employment of medical and health services managers is expected to increase by a faster rate, a rate that is much faster than the national average for job growth. From a compensation perspective, it’s clear that healthcare systems provide the important role where well-educated and trained managers play. Although responsibilities vary widely depending on the size and type of institution, all healthcare managers work to make sure patients receive high-quality services in an efficient way. There are a lot of different support areas within the infrastructure to make sure they deliver what they have to for patient care.
Health sector checks the security of normal well being of a person by providing with preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative care while its management ensures the objective of health sector is fulfilled to its fullest in terms of quality and quantity. Proper management maintains good working environment, ensure best quality, optimum utilization of resources and monitor the future direction of the health organization. So, proper management is mandatory for health sector.

BY: Diwas Bastola



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