How to prepare for CMAT?

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  • Dec 27, 2020


About CMAT

The full form of CMAT is the Central Management Admission Test. It is conducted once every year for getting admission into BBA and BHCM program at our college internally. We allow our students to participate in CMAT exam both virtually and physically.

Contents of CMAT Exam

CMAT exam contains four different sections having equal weights.

CMAT Syllabus Each section contains 25 questions each. Therefore, there are a total of 100 questions in the CMAT exam. For every right answer, one mark is awarded. Therefore, the CMAT exam is of 100 marks in total. There is no negative marking in wrong answer. Scoring more than 40 marks in this exam will fetch you a passing percentile and getting a call from admission.

The major topics covered are as follows:

Section I: Verbal Ability

Reading Comprehension, Word Meanings, Grammar, Sentence Completion, Para jumbles, etc.

Section II: Quantitative ability

Simple Arithmetic, Equations, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Permutations, Combinations, Probability, Ratio and Percentage, Logarithms, Time & Work, Time & Distance, Number Systems, Series, Graphs and charts etc.

Section III: Logical Reasoning

Odd man out, relationship, figure reasoning, arrangements and directions etc.

Section IV: General Awareness

General Knowledge Questions related to Awards, Books, Literature, Recent Happenings, Science, Films, Current Affairs, Banking, Economics, History, Geography etc.

 CMAT Eligibility

A candidate is eligible for the exam if he / she has secured at least 45% marks or minimum 2 CGPA in his / her plus two level examination or equivalent from a reputed or recognized college or university. Moreover, candidates in their final year of graduation can also take the exam. There is no particular age limit for appearing for CMAT exam.

 How to prepare for CMAT?

Following are the CMAT Preparation tips which will help you in scoring well in the CMAT exam:

  1. Focus equally on all sections 

There are four sections in the CMAT exam. Since you need to score quite a lot, it is advisable to give equal importance to all the sections. Moreover, the level of questions in the CMAT exam is easy to moderate. Therefore, you need to maximize your attempts as much as you can. The more questions you attempt correctly, the more marks you will fetch.

  1. Clear your basics of all topics

It is better to clear your basics of all the topics in each of the sections. This is because you need to maximize your attempts to fetch a good percentile. Scoring more than 40 marks in total cannot be done by focusing on one topic alone. For example, in general awareness section, it is better to be well acquainted with all topics prescribed in syllabus above, so that you will be able to solve questions related to these topics. Focusing on one topic, like current affairs, will not help in maximizing your marks.

  1. Improve your speed and accuracy

Candidates need to attempt 100 questions in 90 minutes or one and half hours. You need good speed to attempt maximum number of questions in the CMAT exam. Also, do keep in mind that while improving your speed, you don’t compromise on your accuracy. You need to be careful and attempt the questions correctly.

  1. Take Mocks and solve sample questions at home

Taking mocks is a good way to boost your CMAT Preparation. It helps you gain speed and analyze your performance in the real exam like environment. Moreover, you will get to know about your accuracy level. If it is low, then you need to improve it. Also, solving sample papers or past years’ papers will help you to analyze the actual level and type of questions asked in the CMAT exam.

How to Answer the Questions?

Example 1:

Direction: Fill in the blanks with the word which best fit in with the meaning of the following sentences.

Questions: The chair is to be put in the ……

a.  Middle                                                 b.  Centre

c.  Central                                                 d.  mid

Answer: Indicate your answer on the answer sheet by darkening the correct option. Suppose the correct answer choice is “center” and that option is given in (b). So, you must darken that option like given below:

In case of wrong marking you may cross (•) the wrongly marked box and darken another box. If you fell that the answer options provided are wrong you should mention at the bottom of the answer sheet.

Other important instructions in physical CMAT Exam

  1. Please detach the answer sheet from the question paper
  2. Write your name and contact number on the answer sheet.
  3. Do not write anything else on the Answer sheet. If you need to do rough work use any space available on the question paper or use another blank paper.
  4. Time yourself as you work on each section so that you complete the test within 90 minutes.
  5. Each set of question contains Directions. Read those directions carefully before answering the questions.
  6. Try answering all questions. There is no negative marking for wrong answer.

Download CMAT Model Question


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