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Message from CEO

Message from CEO


Jeevan Lama Golay


“Youths are the pillar of the nation.” If youth are given a proper environment to learn and gain knowledge, they can prove to be a strong, intellectual, and durable asset to the state. Education is the most powerful tool for the youth to awake, learn and apply their knowledge intelligently and effectively in different aspects of development. Every person is unique and possesses their potential, Imperial Business College stands with youths to help them recognize their potential and add value in the field of their interest.


I have always given a serious insight into providing youths with a high quality of education, which fits in the global arena. Combining local and global approaches in education has created a good sense of globalization, where students understand, enjoy, and accept multiculturalism. In addition, the blend of traditional and modern pedagogy systems in our college has helped students to discover their inner potential and understand more about themselves and other subject matters deeply.


Considering the disruption and competition in the contemporary world, we have added ample non-credit programs, training, seminars, webinars, sports, extracurricular activities, ANUBHAV, and many more besides delivering the course syllabus designed by Pokhara University. We help students to experience the “real world” and learn coping mechanisms. IBC is concerned with providing the best quality education and grooming students’ capacity. It’s not just a studying center but a second home for learners and scholars.