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About IBC

About IBC


Imperial Business College is set on the path to being a trailblazer in educating young Nepali students and providing and nurturing productive and competent talents in the country since 2013. With rapid growth and changes caused by a disruption in technology, market, and human life, the education and education process are not an exception. At imperial, we stress nurturing our students holistically and developing qualified and competent talents to solve the modern problem of the modern world.

In our long journey of innovating education, we have achieved great success in providing globally required academic courses. Our graduates, serving and leading their path in business and health care management, testify to our declaration.


  • Our Mission & Vision

    Imperial business College envisions developing competent, skilled, qualified, ethical, and responsible professionals to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country and the world.

  • Our Goals

    • Create a skillful learning space to achieve excellence in Business Administration and Health Care Management Sectors.
    • Develop productive and socially responsible professionals with a high level of work ethics.
    • Innovate education methods through infrastructure, systems, business, and social networks and teaching-learning methodologies.
    • To create a student-friendly learning environment and result-oriented best quality of education.
    • Enhance students to be more productive and socially responsive with a high level of professionalism and work ethics.
    • To develop highly skilled and competent talents, who can contribute meaningfully to the robust growth of the Nation.